Documentary and nonfiction video storytelling.


Charlotte’s Mark

Emily was 38 weeks along in her pregnancy when she lost her second child, Charlotte. Considered full-term, this condition affects less than 1% of pregnancies nationwide. Most families are unprepared for such a loss and many experience shame afterward. Emily is cautiously awaiting the birth of a new baby, a boy. She says that her family “has a story and journey of restoration and hope and continual work toward healing.”

ROLES: Concept, Storyboarding, Videography, Audio, Editing (Collaboration with Marlena Sloss)





This multimedia interactive documentary explores the health benefits of spending time in the outdoors. The project focuses on three groups in Ohio who are actively connecting children with nature and the associated developmental, physical and mental health outcomes. (Above are intros to the three groups.) By utilizing the very tool it is advocating, against, the project meets its audience where they are, and attempts to get them to step away from their screens, if even for a short while. To view the complete project:

ROLES: Concept, Photography, Videography, Audio, Written Story, UX Design, UI Design



Athens Farmers Market

The Athens Farmers Market celebrates their 50th anniversary.
ROLES: Videography, Concept

“A Wonderful Place To Go,” words & music by Steve Zarate, © 2022, all rights reserved;guitar & vocals by Steve Zarate, recording engineered by Rusty Smith



Butcher’s Bites

ROLES: Videography, Concept