When I was an undergrad, I took a basic design class and really loved it. As a photojournalism major, it was a required class in the Visual Communication School. The skills learned in the class helped to reinforce my eye as a photographer and served me well in designing basic promotional materials for my business.In grad school, design is one of the areas that I want to learn and explore to reinforce my visual skills even more. Below are some of my assignments from first semester. Hope you enjoy!


Using InDesign was brand new to me last semester, but a fun challenge and a relatively easy transition given my expertise with Photoshop. Our first assignment was to come up with a concept to redesign or represent the tools in InDesign. I came up with the idea of the tools being a cheat sheet. Kids sometimes write on their hands to cheat on tests so I came up with the grown-up version: a tattoo. I decided to represent that idea as if it was a magazine spread. Pretty fun for my first go at InDesign!

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One of our next assignments was to redesign a poster for a local business or organization. We had to come up with two radically different re-designs. My graduate assistanship is at The Athens Photo Project. They have an informal lunch group there called “The Lunch Bunch” so that the newer artists in the group can get to know some of the more established artists. You can see the handwritten sign they’ve been using (really, not bad!), but I wanted to come up with a a few other options for them. The first concept was based off a lunch bag/bistro feel. Selecting the font was a big consideration for the assignment and I like the Butcher Paper feel the poster has. The second concept, hopefully obvious, is based off the Brady Bunch. I thought it was a fun idea and one that would resonate well with many of the artists in the project as many of them grew up during the years the Brady Bunch was on TV.



Our final assignment was to create 3-4 spreads for a class magazine. The magazine was a culmination of what we had learned the semester as well as our thoughts on the creative process. This was a really fun assignment for me because I could pull in photography, design and even some hand-made elements.