Photojournalistic storytelling.


Documenting the Days

With a photographer and multimedia producer as a mom, my children are pretty accustomed to having a camera present. When COVID began to rage through our urban centers and states began to shut down, I felt compelled to document my daily life, to, as a friend put it, “Shutter in Place.” I had no end goal with the images; I merely wanted to document the days. In the beginning, I made a new image every day. It gave me a purpose, a visual diary and record of history. We, as a family, rode a rollercoaster of emotions surrounding COVID. At first, we were sad and frightened, and we lamented all that was lost. Then, we thought, “Hey, we got this!” We, like so many, baked, made crafts and took walks. We celebrated the joy of being together. As the pandemic wore on, I lost track of time, (and daily documentation. I watched with horror as brutality and racism took center stage in our nation, coinciding with out-of-control fires in our nation’s west. I tried to educate my kids about white privilege, systemic racism, and respecting our earth. Meanwhile, they took to Zoom and remote schooling. We miss friends and family. But I truly believe they are resilient beings. We choose to take one day a time and to be the best we can. They will be all right.
Part of Six Feet Photography’s Guest Curated Gallery, The Kids Are Alright?

ROLES: Concept, Written Story, Photography



adentro: (Spanish) INSIDE

This magazine prototype invites readers inside alternative homes and highlights those investing in sustainable ways of living. It promotes the idea that even the smallest micro effort can lead to macro solutions surrounding climate change. This first issue takes viewers to the Olympic Peninsula of Washington state where they can learn about the spirit of the region and why alternative homes are so prevalent.

ROLES: Concept, Photography, Written Story, Design


A Changing Coastline

For years the town of Sihanoukville in southwest Cambodia served as a jumping off point for the country’s white sand beaches and southern islands. Today, vast construction projects, mostly luxury casinos and hotels, and all Chinese owned, stretch as far as the eye can see. For the multimedia presentation visit:

ROLES: Concept, Written Story, Photography


Empty Days Illuminated

Diagnosed with schizophrenia in 1986, Pete Wuscher is no stranger to the mental health system in Athens, Ohio. After years of struggling with drug addiction and his diagnosis, he is now a local mental health advocate and has confronted his dark past. Excerpt from a collaborative interactive project that can be viewed here:
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This multimedia interactive documentary explores the health benefits of spending time in the outdoors. The project focuses on three groups in Ohio who are actively connecting children with nature and the associated developmental, physical and mental health outcomes. By utilizing the very tool it is advocating, against, the project meets its audience where they are, and attempts to get them to step away from their screens, if even for a short while. To view the complete project:

ROLES: Concept, Photography, Videography, Audio, Written Story, UX Design, UI Design