User-centered design and non-fiction storytelling through multimedia web-based platforms.




This multimedia interactive documentary explores the health benefits of spending time in the outdoors. The project focuses on three groups in Ohio who are actively connecting children with nature and the associated developmental, physical and mental health outcomes. By utilizing the very tool it is advocating, against, the project meets its audience where they are, and attempts to get them to step away from their screens, if even for a short while. To view the complete project:

ROLES: Concept, Photography, Videography, Audio, Written Story, UX Design, UI Design


Soul of Athens

Soul of Athens is an annual multimedia project produced by graduate and undergraduate students in the School of Visual Communication at Ohio University. This year’s project features four teams creating individual interactive documentaries. The student teams come together in one semester to tell these stories, collaborating with journalists, photographers, web developers, editors, and designers. To view the complete project:

ROLES: Content Creator and Project Manager, To Such A Place Team (Collaboration with Kelsey Brunner, Erin Clark, Taylor DiPlacido, Molly Dixon, Adonis Durado, Haldan Kirsch, Daniel Owen, and Amy Schmidt)


Cats in the Kingdom

In 2019, I had the opportunity to travel to to Cambodia with the Global Leadership Center (GLC) at OHIO. I worked with a team of writers and content creaters to tell stories from the GLC and slices of Khmer culture. We experienced the wonder that is Cambodia– from the beauty and awe of Angkor Wat, to the trauma and legacy of the brutal Khmer Rouge regime. The project ultimately culminated in a narrative website to chronicle the trip. To view the complete project:

ROLES: Project Management, Concept, Photography, Videography, Audio, Written Story, UX Design, UI Design (Collaboration with Aaron Atkins, Russell James and Michelle Rotuno-Johnson)