As someone who has been in the photography field for over ten years, I’m currently focusing on Visual Communication Management in grad school. In simple terms, I am learning how to guide emerging photographers and designers to become better visual communicators. For the final project in my management class, we interviewed a leader in the community about their thoughts and approaches to management and leadership.

My Graduate Assistanship is at the Athens Photo Project, a non-profit organization based in Athens, Ohio. APP strengthens mental health recovery by providing individuals with the opportunity to engage in self-discovery, creative expression, and community contribution through the arts. I interviewed my boss and Executive Director of the program, Nate Thomson.

I wanted to figure out a way to visually represent the interview and put together all the other things I’d been learning during the semester. Having photos part of the assignment was a no-brainer, but I decided to put together a simple, one-page scrolling website and even tried my hand at video. Never having made a video before, it was a bit rough, but I enjoyed the challenge and I’m sure after my intro video class this upcoming semester, I’ll hone my skills.

Screenshots of the website are below and you can check out the live site HERE!