Fall Semester- Visual Communication Management Interview

As someone who has been in the photography field for over ten years, I’m currently focusing on Visual Communication Management in grad school. In simple terms, I am learning how to guide emerging photographers and designers to become better visual communicators. For the final project in my management class, we interviewed a leader in the community about their thoughts and approaches to management and leadership.

My Graduate Assistanship is at the Athens Photo Project, a non-profit organization based in Athens, Ohio. APP strengthens mental health recovery by providing individuals with the opportunity to engage in self-discovery, creative expression, and community contribution through the arts. I interviewed my boss and Executive Director of the program, Nate Thomson.

I wanted to figure out a way to visually represent the interview and put together all the other things I’d been learning during the semester. Having photos part of the assignment was a no-brainer, but I decided to put together a simple, one-page scrolling website and even tried my hand at video. Never having made a video before, it was a bit rough, but I enjoyed the challenge and I’m sure after my intro video class this upcoming semester, I’ll hone my skills.

Screenshots of the website are below and you can check out the live site HERE!


Fall Semester 2017- UX Design Basics

Now you may be asking, “what the heck is UX Design??”

User experience (UX) design is the process of creating products that provide meaningful and personally relevant experiences. This involves the careful design of both a product’s usability and the pleasure consumers will derive from using it. It is also concerned with the entire process of acquiring and integrating the product, including aspects of branding, design, usability, and function.

It’s a field that is constantly evolving. I think back to the various iterations of my own website and it’s almost comical to think of where I started! Learning how to visualize and effectively communicate via the web is one of my main goals in grad school.

For our final project this semester we were tasked with finding a website with significant UX issues, identify and redesign a portion of the site. We love the local restaurant, Sol, and their website could use a little help. I first identified the people, or personas, who would potentially use the site. Next I did a critique and recommendations for a new user-flow to the site. Finally, I designed a prototype for a new homepage for Mobile, Tablet and Desktop.

It was a fun and challenging assignment!


Fall Semester 2017- Design Basics

When I was an undergrad, I took a basic design class and really loved it. As a photojournalism major, it was a required class in the Visual Communication School. The skills learned in the class helped to reinforce my eye as a photographer and served me well in designing basic promotional materials for my business.In grad school, design is one of the areas that I want to learn and explore to reinforce my visual skills even more. Below are some of my assignments from first semester. Hope you enjoy!


Using InDesign was brand new to me last semester, but a fun challenge and a relatively easy transition given my expertise with Photoshop. Our first assignment was to come up with a concept to redesign or represent the tools in InDesign. I came up with the idea of the tools being a cheat sheet. Kids sometimes write on their hands to cheat on tests so I came up with the grown-up version: a tattoo. I decided to represent that idea as if it was a magazine spread. Pretty fun for my first go at InDesign!


Image 1 of 1



One of our next assignments was to redesign a poster for a local business or organization. We had to come up with two radically different re-designs. My graduate assistanship is at The Athens Photo Project. They have an informal lunch group there called “The Lunch Bunch” so that the newer artists in the group can get to know some of the more established artists. You can see the handwritten sign they’ve been using (really, not bad!), but I wanted to come up with a a few other options for them. The first concept was based off a lunch bag/bistro feel. Selecting the font was a big consideration for the assignment and I like the Butcher Paper feel the poster has. The second concept, hopefully obvious, is based off the Brady Bunch. I thought it was a fun idea and one that would resonate well with many of the artists in the project as many of them grew up during the years the Brady Bunch was on TV.



Our final assignment was to create 3-4 spreads for a class magazine. The magazine was a culmination of what we had learned the semester as well as our thoughts on the creative process. This was a really fun assignment for me because I could pull in photography, design and even some hand-made elements.



2017 Wrap up!

January 8, 2018

New Year and some Big Changes

2017!! The first half of the year was spent similarly to 2016. I photographed many weddings across the state, documented family photos and teamed up with interior designers in Denver to photograph numerous hotels.

However, if you had told me a year ago today that the second half of my year would involve selling and packing up my house in Denver and moving 1600 miles across the country, I would not have believed you, though that’s exactly what happened! I wrapped up my wedding season in early July and we moved to Athens, OH where I am attending grad school in the Visual Communication School at Scripps College at Ohio University. I’m loving my classes and excited to learn more next semester!

Below are some of my last and favorite weddings of the season! Some of my student work from last semester will be coming in subsequent posts. Enjoy!

Holly + Eric

July 26, 2017

Della Terra Wedding

Last summer I had the joy of photographing Holly and Eric’s wedding at Della Terra.  In case you haven’t experienced Della Terra, it’s right outside the Estes Park entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park.  It’s a beautiful chateau in an even more beautiful setting.  Holly was my dream bride- organized, attention to detail, yet also laid back and open to my (sometimes crazy) suggestions for photos!   


Hyatt Regency- Aurora- Denver Conference Center

July 19, 2017

Denver Design Photography


I teamed up with Design Force Corporation recently to photograph one of their most recent projects.  The brand new Hyatt Regency right across the street from the Aurora Medical Campus is simply stunning.  I love the mix of industrial and warm touches throughout. Design Force had a hand in designing the whole project from the studs in the walls all the way to the pillows on the bed.


Corie + Dave- Winter Wedding

June 8, 2017

Winter wedding at Devil’s Thumb Ranch

Now that the weather is hitting the 90’s here in Denver, I figured I’d bring us back to the snow from earlier this year.  I had the pleasure of working with Corie and Dave back in January to document their snowy wedding at Devils’ Thumb Ranch.  Colorado is arguably one of the most beautiful states there is, and for me, having grown up in the Midwest (with the, let’s face it, sometimes dreary gray winters and flat-ish topography), the beauty of the snowy mountains (and sunshine!) stills holds a special wonder for me. 

Their wedding was intimate and beautiful.  I was thrilled when they decided to venture into the snow (sorry Dave, I know you almost bit it a few times!) for some photos. 



Kassie + Bryant Engagement

May 19, 2017

Denver Botanic Gardens

If you live in the Rockies, you know that we often get Spring snow instead of Spring rain.  Yesterday I made the trek up to Della Terra in Estes Park for Kassie and Bryant’s wedding.  Estes got pounded with 3 feet (seriously- 3 FEET!) of snow.  These two were absolutely game for anything and as they and all their family and friends told me, two farm kids from Nebraska don’t scare easily.  Photos of their wedding to come soon.  In the meantime, enjoy some of their engagement photos we did last Spring here in Denver under much different weather circumstances!


Wilkerson Family Photos

March 20, 2017

Red Rocks Family Photos

The Wilkerson family is one of the coolest I’ve ever met.  Jess and Erik truly embody the Colorado spirit and share the great outdoors with their two adorable children, Thor and Maxine.  They’re both nurses, she in labor and delivery and he in the ER and have two of the biggest hearts you’ll ever meet.  Throw in their wicked senses of humor and I’d say, that solidifies it in my book.  So, when Jess called me unexpectedly earlier this month to do some family photos, I jumped at the opportunity.  Jess was recently diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer and wanted some family photos “before sh$% got real.”  I am beyond honored to have been able to document these moments for you.  Jess, you are one amazingly strong chick- you got this girl!


Denver Design Photography

February 8, 2017

Architectural Photography


Winter always gives me a break from shooting weddings every weekend and allows me to focus on other areas of photography where I specialize.  Throughout the year I photograph a range of properties from private residences to large scale hotels.  This particular project was a master bedroom suite remodel.  I love the color palette in the bedroom and the tile wall in the bathroom combined with the soaker tub and aspen view out the window is perfect.  (They’re lucky they didn’t come home to find me in a bubble bath!)

Deisgner: Barbara DeSalvo of DeSalvo-Adamson Design Associates


Corie + Dave- Winter Engagement Photos

January 16, 2017

Downtown Denver Engagement Session- Union Station/Denver Photographer

I had the pleasure of photographing these two love birds last month.  Corie and Dave have been together for over 5 years and you can really tell they are still so in love and just seem to “get” each other.  Since their January wedding (check back soon!) is in the mountains up at Devil’s Thumb Ranch, we decided to get a different vibe for their engagement shots.  We met at Union Station and took a stroll around to get some fun urban shots.  Can’t wait to shoot their wedding!


Red Rocks, Colorado Maternity Session

December 11, 2016

Kassia+Joshua Maternity

I met Kassia and Joshua over four years ago.  Joshua is a super talented videographer and we’ve photographed numerous weddings together over the years.  Kassia serves as his assistant (don’t let the term fool you, she holds her own when it comes to shooting video!)  I’ve seen these two go from just out of college engaged couple, to newlyweds and now soon-to-be parents.  I was beyond honored to be asked to photograph their maternity photos.  We thought Red Rocks would be the perfect backdrop to highlight their love for Colorado.  I know these two are going to rock being parents!


Goodbye 2016! Hello 2017!

December 14, 2016 

2016 Wrap Up/ New Year/ Big Changes

What a year 2016 has been!  I’ve been so fortunate to photograph 33 weddings and numerous family sessions all over Colorado. It’s so hard to pick a favorite wedding or photo.  (It would be like picking my favorite child or pet!)  I’ve loved getting to know so many couples and families over the year and have been able to capture so many momentous occasions. 

As you may know, I started Blue House Photography in 2005 with my brother Luke.  Both trained in photojournalism, we enjoyed over 9 years of business together.  Luke has since left the photography world for a career in public service. (We need good people in politics these days, so we’re happy he’s taken on this path!)  Life is about change and growth and I’m loving where my photographic journey is taking me.  I hope you enjoy my new website and look.  Delia Palmisano Photography embodies my photographic progression over the past 11 years.  Here are a few 2016 favorites (okay, a bunch, I warned you…)  Cheers!